Posted by: Jean
Should I speak the languages
of men and angels,
without having charity,
they're like booming bronze
or a hesitating cimbal.
And if I had the gift of profecy
and knew all misteries and sciences,
and I owned the entirety of faith
so to transport mountains,
but without charity,
they all mean nothing.
If I distributed all my substances
and gave my body to the flames,
without charity,
it's useless.
Charity is patient, charity is good;
charity isn't envious, it doesn't brag,
it doesn't boast, it's not disrespectful,
it doen't search what pleases it, it isn't irate,
it doesn't keep count of the evil it has been given,
it doesn't thrive on injustice,
but it gratifies in truth.
It covers all, it believes all,
it hopes in all, it withstands everything.
Profecies shall disappear;
the gift of language shall cease
and science will disappear...
Here are the three things that shall remain:
faith, hope and charity!
Saint Paul the Apostle (Saul of Tarsus)
Written on monday may 30, 2011
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