Happy Birthday Quotes

Posted by: Cinzia Coppola
in Quotes for Every Occasion (Happy Birthday)
I bid your future days may have the colours of a field of flowers,
that the green of the grass may bring you dreams of hope,
that every flower be multicoloured
and may scent of joy,
I wish that every one of your most spectacular wishes
may shine in your heart
realizing all your biggest hopes, dreams and desires.
Happy Birthday!
Written on wednesday july 18, 2012
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    Posted by: scricciolo
    in Quotes for Every Occasion (Happy Birthday)
    The beauty of a soul isn't the really bright one but the delicate, silently slow matching up to another soul leaving in the form of sweet caresses its essence, giving great happiness with little gifts made with simple and intense moments. The soul'd beauty is born from the tasting of deprival, from having known, not the warmth and fullness of the summer season, but the cold and uneasiness of winter and having known how to welcome and keep the warmish touch of a ray of sun in your heart to warm another heart.
    Written on thursday july 12, 2012
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      Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
      in Quotes for Every Occasion (Happy Birthday)
      Sisters are found under cabbages or brought by a stork or they're made by mummy and daddy. But not "Sisters", you meet them walking the paths of life... through dust and mud, amongst stars and rainbows you "give birth" to them in that moment of common pain. You bear them with your soul and you live them with your heart sharing tears smiles, dreams and illusions. You meet them by chance but not by chance and from then on... they hold your hand sharing hell and paradise of every event. Thanks for being there Happy Birthday "Sister"!
      Written on saturday july 7, 2012
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        in Quotes for Every Occasion (Happy Birthday)
        A friend is like the piece of a puzzle, you need time before you find the right piece to insert and complete the mosaic of life, he helps us, he doen't make us feel alone. I wish you to continue your mosaic in good company, living in serenity and liberty, flying in the joy of beautful days. Happy Birthday!
        Written on monday may 28, 2012
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