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Andrea Baron
PHP & MySQL programming, markup [profile | personal blog]
Giusva Iannitelli
graphic, layout, quotes, copywriting [profile |]
Federico Illesi
project management, quotes, PR, advertising [profile |]


Andrea Manfrč
Forum [in italian] community manager
Claudia Di Lembo
who left us on 26 may 2008
Carlo Bressan
PHP & MySQL programming, markup

1 PLEASE NOTE: the associates DOESN'T have any interaction with users. This, obviously, is to preserve and keep as "reserved" as possible access to sensible data.

The history

PensieriParole was born in 2002 in Italy from the idea of two school friends, Andrea Baron and Giusva Iannitelli.
After developing the software and the graphic theme the website went live near the end of june of the same year and, beginning that day, started and continued to grow until today; Federico Illesi soon became part of the crew. It has become the number one website in Italy for quotes, poetry and the like.
Even when the website was really young, we all thought that one day we would have to make an international (at least english) version. That day has come, and SaveAQuote is our vision of what a quotes website should be: driven by the community. Just like PensieriParole has been and will be for the rest of its life.

Software and compatibility

To use SaveAQuote you need one of these browsers: Google Chrome (Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android), Firefox version 3.6 and above (Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/...), Safari version 2 and above (Mac/Win/iOS), Opera version 9 and above (Win/Mac/Linux) or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or above (Win).

This website uses HTTP server LightTPD 1.22.0, PHP/7.4.33 with APC, database server MySQL, caching by Memcached and job management by Gearman.

We use opensource projects Doctrine, Xapian, PHPMailer, FeedCreator, jQuery, JpGraph and Projekktor.