1) Love for the joy of loving, and not for the offerings of someone else's heart.
2) The lover's criterion is: I want you to be happy-but with me.
3) Let him go-if he doesn't love you anymore.
Let her go-if she doesn't love you anymore.
4) "Before you love learn to run through snow leaving no footprints." This is Turkish proverb. How clear the picture and how easily understood.
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    Our love affair ended in tears but a deep bond grew out of it, and that's something nobody can take away from us. It's unreachable. All my lovers ask me why they can't replace her, but it's simply impossible.
    I don't feel jealous of her lovers because. Of course, she has a life to lead, and so do I. Basically, I try to make sure she's happy with whoever she's with and she tries to do the same for me.
    We look after each other and that's a wonderful form of love. I might have all the problems in the world, but I have Mary and that gets me through.
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