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Nothing is more anarchical than power, power basically does what it wants. And what power wants is completely arbitrary or dictated by a necessity of economical standing, that differs from any rational logic. I especially detest today's power.
Everyone has the power they are subdued to, it's a power that manipulates bodies in a horrific way and that has nothing to envy to the manipulation done by Himmler or Hitler. It manipulates transforming conscience, meaning in the worst possible way instituting new values that are alienated and false.
Consumerist values, that commit what Marx calls: "a genocide of living cultures".
Some values have fallen and have been substituted with other values, some behaviour patterns have fallen and have been substituted by other behaviour patterns. This substitution wasn't wanted by people, from the lowest part, but have been imposed by the distinguished of the national system. They wanted Italians to consume in a certain way and a certain kind of good and to consume it they had to realize another human pattern.
The regime, is a democratic one, but that culturalization, that homologation that fascism absolutely didn't obtain, today's power, the power of consumeristic society managed to obtain perfectly, destroying the various particular realities.
And this happened so rapidly for us not to realize it. It was a sort of nightmare in which we the Italy surrounding us destroy itself, vanishing and now maybe waking up from this nightmare and looking around us, we realize that there's nothing left to do.
Man was always a conformist. Man's main characteristic is to conform to any kind of power or of quality of life he found when born. Maybe more so Man is narcicistic, ribellious and loves deeply his identity but it's society that conforms him and he has bowed his head down one and for all to society's moral duties.
I realize that if things should continue this way Man will mechanize himself so much, becoming tedious and hateful, that, these liberties, will go completely lost.
Written on monday august 30, 2010
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