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Posted by: Nastjia
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That abiss
that are your eyes,
digs inside me.
In the passing illusion
I observe your becoming.
My heart red with consumed tears
has stopped crying.
My mind drowned in the sea
in the froth of the waves loses
the last fragments of intimity.
Simply you're not here,
simply you're not around,
simply your path,
going farther away
detaches itself from mine...
I miss you.
you're inside me.
Written on monday april 23, 2012
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    Posted by: Federico
    in Poems (Anonymous Poems)
    I dreamt I walked
    on the sea shore with the Lord
    watching on the screen of the sky
    all the days of my passed life.
    And for every spent day
    appeared two footprints in the sand:
    mine and those of the Lord.
    But in some parts I saw a single print,
    exactly in the days
    I considered the most difficult in my life.
    So I said: "Lord
    I chose to live with you
    and you promised me
    that you would've always been beside me.
    Why did you leave me alone
    in the hardest moments?"
    And he answered:
    " Son, you know I love you
    and that I never left you:
    the days in which
    there's a single print in the sand
    are those in which I took you in my arms".
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