Poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Poet, writer, director and actor, born sunday march 5, 1922 in Bologna (Italy), died sunday november 2, 1975 in Rome (Italy)
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Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
For him who only knows your color, red flag,
you must really exist, so that he can exist:
he who was covered with scabs is covered with wounds,
the laborer becomes a beggar,
the Neapolitan a Calabrese, the Calabrese an African,
the illiterate a buffalo or dog.
He who hardly knows your color, red flag,
won't know you much longer, not even with his senses:
you who already boast so many bourgeois
working-class glories,
you become a rag again, and the poorest wave you.
Pier Paolo Pasolini
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