Posted by: Alexis Karpouzos
I come from the depths of infinity
and from all directions of space-time.
I traveled through dark tunnels, went through solar storms.
I went straight, circled, parallel, rotated as a spiral.
Cosmic clouds trapped me and escaped from them.
Avoided collisions with meteories.
I was helped by exotic particles,
neutron stars and the love of gravity.
Every leaf, every flower, every mountain and lake,
every cloud and every star and every atom recognize me and greet me.
I feel that I have live for million lifetimes.
Who am I? What is my purpose?
Last night I sent a question into universe, asking "who am I or am I not?
The universe responded immediately:
You asked me the same thing billions of years ago.
And then and now I answer:
You're the smile of no birth and no death,
The Hidden Law.


Posted by: Alexis Karpouzos


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