PPCode Guide

What is PPCode?

PPCode is directly derived from BBCode used in forums (BB stands for Bulletin Board, while PP stands for PensieriParole which is the italian version of this website). It was developed to ease the insertion of paragraph styles, character styles, ecc... in comments inside Save a Quote and in the "send to a friend" feature.


PPCode uses formatting comands like the ones used in html, enclosed in square brackets []; since the [ character has a special meaning, to use it in a text you must write [[. Many commands need an opening and a closing part to define the text on which to apply the style, ie. this whould be plain text [b]this would be bold[/b] will appear as "this would be plain text this would be bold".
Some commands also have parameters, ie. this word will be [color=red]red[/color] will appear as "this word will be red".
The commands can be mixed together to achieve special formattingd, so you can make some text bold, italic and underlined at the same time, it's important to keep in mind to close commands in the reverse order, ie. [b][i][u]bold italic and underlined[/u][/i][/b] will appear as "bold italic and underlined"

If you made a mistake writing the PPCode, the system will tell you what was wrong to allow you to solve the problem before submitting the comment.

Character formatting commands

  • Bold: [b]...[/b];
  • Italic: [i]...[/i];
  • Underliend: [u]...[/u];
  • Strikethrough: [s]...[/s];
  • Color: [color=blue, red, yellow, ... or #rrggbb]...[/color];
  • Size: [size=NNpx or NNpt]...[/size];
  • Background: [bkg=blue, red, yellow, ... or #rrggbb]...[/bkg].

Paragraph formatting commands

To add a line break in the text, just add a line break in the PPCode. Other available commands:

  • to cite a text (it will appear with an indent): [quote]...[/quote];
  • to make a list: [list=type][*]element 1 [*]element 2 ...[/list], where type can by one of
    • a: to obtain lists like a. b. c. d.;
    • A: to obtain lists like A. B. C. D.;
    • 1: to obtain lists like 1. 2. 3. 4.;
    • 0: to obtain lists like 01. 02. 03. 04.;
    • i: to obtain lists like i. ii. iii. iv.;
    • I: to obtain lists like I. II. III. IV.;
    • if you omit the type (and the equal sign) you'll see an unnumbered list with discs (filled circles).

Command to display images

The command which allows to embed images is [img=alternative text]image URL[/img], the alternative text can be omitted (the equal sign also); keep in mind that comments are hand checked and images which are not unappropriate pictures or pictures which cause problems to the website graphical structure will be removed, possibly saving the comment text.

Commands to make hyperlinks

  • Links to email addresses: [email=address]...[/email] (it's better not to write your personal email address in public spaces like Save a Quote comments to avoid being flooded by spam);
  • links to external websites: [url=http://URL]...[/url];
  • links to Save a Quote quotes: [url=URL of the quote]...[/url], to obtain the quote URL, right click on the "Read and discuss" button next to each quote and select "Copy link", "Copy address", "Copy destination address" or similar (it varies depending on your web browser), possibly removing the "#comments" from the pasted text.


To report errors while interpreting the code or mistakes in this guide, as well as provide suggestion on how to improve the system, please contact us.