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Born tuesday july 12, 1960 (Canada)
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Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
Sisters are found under cabbages or brought by a stork or they're made by mummy and daddy. But not "Sisters", you meet them walking the paths of life... through dust and mud, amongst stars and rainbows you "give birth" to them in that moment of common pain. You bear them with your soul and you live them with your heart sharing tears smiles, dreams and illusions. You meet them by chance but not by chance and from then on... they hold your hand sharing hell and paradise of every event. Thanks for being there Happy Birthday "Sister"!
Silvana Stremiz
Written on saturday july 7, 2012
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    Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
    Today is a special day, not that all the other days aren't but today is your birthday, a date carved in the pages of my soul... Without time managing to remove its importance it's carved with an indelible pen called "love", that friendly love of deep esteem and respect that overcomes every other form of love and that comes to embrace us even when the seas and the winds divide... So wherever you are, with whomever you are, while you continue with your dance of silences I wish you to spend happily today and all the days that'll come. Happy Birthday.
    Silvana Stremiz
    Written on friday november 11, 2011
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      Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
      Birthdays are important goal, they're the sum of tearful moments, of smiles, of emotions, of shivers, breaths and sighs that make our being here... and today is "your special day", the partial sum of a future that's waiting to be lived. I bid you live as many smiles, goosebumps and sighs possible and adding, why not, a few tears of intense joy to make your time magic. Happy birthday!
      Silvana Stremiz
      Written on sunday august 7, 2011
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        Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
        Today is important
        it's your birthday
        Happy Birthday
        is too banal and predictable
        "best wishes" is tasteless.
        I wish you to reach every thing
        that is worth reaching
        to embrace every dream
        with strength and determination
        making it into a success.
        May every success be a goal
        That it may give breath to your soul
        and joy to your heart,
        That you may always cry
        a good tear
        Hoping it to be joyful.
        And now let me trivially wish you
        Happy Birthday!
        Silvana Stremiz
        Written on sunday january 23, 2011
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