Goodbye Phrases

Posted by: Eli Ago
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It was all so nice. Your words, your messages, when you looked for me and when we spent time thinking of each other. Now you're gone. I told myself "I'll never forget you". And now? Where have all your promises gone? Where's your daily message that is missing from my mobile phone for more than a week? Where are you now? I've often thought of saying goodbye to you forever, for fear of one day being left by you, forgotten like an object, like nothing ever happened between us. You saw my insecurities, everyday I'd change your name in my contact list, I'd erase and write back the heart. But today I said goodbye forever. I haven't ersed the heart, but directly your number. Unluckily to forget you it isn't enough to eliminate you from my contact list, now also from my head and my heart. I'd want to erase everything that was between us, that we'd never exchanged a word or better yet, never have met each other... For now youre just part of the past, a past that'll never return.
Written on friday february 3, 2012
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