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Time ago I met someone and I fell in love from the first moment. We got engaged because we knew we were part of each other. The love I feel for you has no words. Today I coudn't imagine a life without you. Happy anniversary.
Written on sunday september 26, 2010
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    in Quotes for Every Occasion (Happy Anniversary)
    I long awaited the moment in which I would've presented myself dressed in white to become your wife
    ...I long awaited to say the famous words... "I do",
    ...I long awaited to have you to myself, enjoying some moments together after all the distance
    ...I long awaited ... but I'd wait another thousand years for only now my life is perfect.
    There aren't words to describe what I have inside me, no letter or gift could express what I have in my heart...
    that heart that overflows of love for you, my life
    I hope to spend with you many more anniversaries because for me it isn't a day like any other, for me it's the most beautiful day of my life that repeats itself year after year.
    Thank you my love, to have made my dream come true...
    Thank you my love, for being next to me...
    Thank you my love, for your great patience...
    Thank you my love, for having been near me through the darkest moments of my existence
    Thank you my love... because you exist and you chose me.
    Thank you my love
    I love you and will love you forever.
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