Ancient aphorisms

Posted by: Nadia Consani
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Loving, in the most ample and universal sense of the word, takes to sacrificing a bit of ourselves and often takes us to think that maybe it isn't worth it or it's not absolutely indispensable, or "we should jump the ditch", but Love is already within us and when you feel affection and passion for someone, no one imposes it on you but it's like a magnet that takes you to feel this emotion.
Loving goes over physical attraction, loving means also helping, sharing, rejoicing and feeling pain together, may it be a partner, a friend or a family member.
Loving is an inconditioned reflex that nothing or no one can modify,even if sometimes we impose ourselves to erase it from our mind... but only from the mind, not from the heart.
Written on tuesday april 10, 2012
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