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Born friday november 18, 1988 (Italy)

Posted by: Andrea Spartą
Those who are in love always travel on two different trains, on two parallel lines that rarely stop at a station. They are two trains that always travel on the same, never ending line, parallel, as I was saying, but that go in opposite directions.
Lovers, true ones, those who always find each other even if the world keeps saying "no", you can recognise them imediately beacause at a certain point in their lives, when each others' hearts say that the time is right, they stop in the same station and join together in a special embrace, one of those that magically sorts out all that the world and destiny messed up,
and they linger there, on that small platform tht divides two endless tracks,
while their trains leave, going back on their opposite ways,
leaving them there.
Alone, and never alone again.
Andrea Spartą
Written on saturday october 6, 2012
from the book "" by Andrea Spartą
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