Posted by: Marilena Aiello
It's not easy to let go of those you love and often, in love, it's almost impossible. We'd want to keep everyone safe inside our hearts, knowing their "ours" and not having to fear their loss and let alone the absence of thought.
But in friendship it's different: even when loving friends, we leave our heart open and we watch them fly away because we know that they're looking for happiness and we wish it them sincerely.
We know that a friend, if he really is so, if he really was so, isn't abandoning us, he's simply living his life and for this we can be happy.
Good night to close friends, to those leaving or travelling, to those who return as if not a day has passed, because that's the way it is: friendship lives outside time, it's generous, it's long-standing, it's a full moon in the longest night.
Marilena Aiello
Written on wednesday august 1, 2012
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