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Poet, playwright and writer, born wednesday november 20, 1901 in Thessaloniki (Greece), died monday june 3, 1963 in Moscow (Russian Federation)
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Posted by: libera poetante
No only do I hate the cells of a prison, but even those of art, where few stay or just alone, I am for the clarity without shadows of the sun to the zenith point, that hides nothing of good and evil. If poetry bears this great light, then it is true poetry.
Nazim Hikmet
Written on sunday september 12, 2010
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    Posted by: Silvana Stremiz
    If half my heart is here, doctor,
    the other half is in China
    with the army flowing toward the Yellow River.
    And, every morning, doctor,
    every morning at sunrise
    my heart is shot in Greece.
    And every night, doctor, when the prisoners are asleep
    and the infirmary is deserted,
    my heart stops at a run-down old house in Istanbul.
    And then after ten years
    all I have to offer my poor people is this apple in my hand,
    doctor, one read apple: my heart.
    And that, doctor, that is the reason
    for this angina pectoris
    not nicotine, prison, or arteriosclerosis.
    I look at the night through the bars,
    and despite the weight on my chest
    my heart still beats with the most distant stars.
    Nazim Hikmet
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