Quotes by Vasco Rossi

Songwriter, born thursday february 7, 1952 in Zocca (Italy)
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And smiling about troubles, just as you've never done
and then thinking that tomorrow will be better
today I don't have the time, today I want to remain switched off.
Vasco Rossi
Written on friday november 5, 2010
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    Posted by: Claudio Betti
    I find the reality I see really disgusting, it has disappointed me, it's sad and hateful, so naked and cruel; that's why I revaluated many of my dreams and illusions because, they actually help you to this reality better. Any dream or illusion, even believing in someone, in a woman, in a relationship, in a love... Even if then, it's not true, get it? Because it's not important that it should be true: do you understand? The important is believing in it so you can live this reality better.
    Vasco Rossi
    Written on monday august 24, 2009
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