Posted by: Mariella Buscemi
in Quotes & Aphorisms (Giving up)
When you decide to leave and abandon someone, you must leave with your back facing them, you should try walking backwards, even with the fear of tripping, so that some obstacle on your course could make you slip and pause the insane, innatural and immediate urgency to run away; that's right, you should never leave with your back facing. Turning around is denying a reality that was, but no, you should keep your eyes firmly in the other's to expres inside the pain of the one who is being abandoned.
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    Posted by: Daniele Ciarlo
    in Quotes & Aphorisms (Giving up)
    The last ray of sun sets
    and a silent hegemonic pain tells
    The story of a sad, tired and shattered heart
    Torn by the days and tears
    While the mind full of thoughts
    Distracted shows the frequent disappointments
    That are confused on the rising of the dawn
    That on the arrival of night they inexorably destroy
    In that now foreign bed
    In the company of your mad desire
    The wretched night awakes
    dreams and hopes that time takes off their rails
    But as soon as a wound starts healing
    A sour tear on the face quickly falls.
    Written on saturday august 11, 2012
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      Posted by: Eli Ago
      in Quotes & Aphorisms (Giving up)
      You understand people are special when you miss them, when with the thought of them a tear runs, when a song can bring back a thousand sweet and sour memories. When you try to forget uselessy, when that place isn't occupied by them, but somehow they'll always leave a memory where a tear will be born.
      Written on tuesday september 11, 2012
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