Posted by: Zio Haus
A nervous biting of the fingers
to keep the usual thoughts at bay
and an annoying hunger that lingers
make me wonder why I should stay.

I’m forgetting what it’s like to be caressed by a stray ray
of sunshine that from a prison of leaves broke free,
condemned to a life sentence within this society’s walls.

Keep telling myself I’ll soon get away,
but it never happens
and day per day life slips away.
Domenico Aragona
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    Posted by: Zio Haus
    Brought up within the walls of this prison
    Convinced that thinking for yourself is treason
    Nine to five and for a break therè s a season.
    But I refuse to cooperate
    I retaliate.
    And in society's ass I'm a thorn
    'Cause inside I've got a storm
    that can't be constrained in a city shaped dome.
    Domenico Aragona
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      Posted by: Zio Haus
      Lifè s puppeteers, whoever may they be
      are certainly fond of toying with me;
      After long searching for love,
      I found myself falling for one.
      I thought her placed wonderfully in my vision;
      of course I did, she was my own creation.
      So foolish as to think the dream real,
      now I'm even grieving in knowing her forever disappeared.
      Domenico Aragona
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