Personal Poetry

Posted by: Marco Bo
in Poems (Personal Poetry)
Grey sky suburban thorns
empty streets since we were born

you never want to leave my hand
going far away looking for home

beginnings ends scars glories, little stories
scattered beats, musical notes without
rhythm and music sheet

as we are
and yet
from the nameless crowd
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    Posted by: Donato Curtotti
    in Poems (Personal Poetry)
    You just have to accept me in your mind, deeper than your soul.

    Every one has got their own demons,
    made of convintions,
    they collide with our daily reality.

    All coflicts have their roots in ours vices,
    we feed them with guilty, insicurity, fear,
    we obtain nothing but pain and negativivity.

    I've let my will go running, faster than my thoughts
    I've let it evolve into action!
    I've found I forgot I got the power to choose what's best for me.

    No one should told you what to do, rebel!

    Yoù re made to create, no doubts.
    We got the ability to converge things into others
    to shapes events trasforming our intentions about future into histoty, the past.
    We do it with our brain, but we have to apply and learn how it works,
    because life is not a gift but a choice.
    If breathing is a voluntary act it must means that something
    deep inside of you, hidden in the darkness of your difficlties,
    that still wants you alive.

    That's your darkside... not the evil one, just the one hidden by
    the distractions of this virtual world built of lies and false beliefs

    assert your existence, your inner spirit is worthy of it!
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      in Poems (Personal Poetry)


      Nothing is the same
      everything changes
      from moment to moment
      while we walk
      in this way
      of straights and curves.

      Fall and rise
      try to understand
      in this wandering
      in pairs of opposites
      covert or overt
      where is the truth.

      It all revolves
      vanishes and returns
      between mystery and infinity
      in drops that dissolve
      in a continuous journey
      into the ocean of life.
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        Posted by: Susan
        in Poems (Personal Poetry)

        What About Me

        What do I do with myself?
        What do I do!?
        I smile while my
        eyes are full
        of tears,
        what about me?
        I ask my self,
        If i do not belive
        in now..
        And maybe one day I will,
        I will be happy
        in the arms of a memory!
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          Posted by: Zio Haus
          in Poems (Personal Poetry, Foreign Language Poems)
          A nervous biting of the fingers
          to keep the usual thoughts at bay
          and an annoying hunger that lingers
          make me wonder why I should stay.

          I’m forgetting what it’s like to be caressed by a stray ray
          of sunshine that from a prison of leaves broke free,
          condemned to a life sentence within this society’s walls.

          Keep telling myself I’ll soon get away,
          but it never happens
          and day per day life slips away.
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            Posted by: Zio Haus
            in Poems (Personal Poetry, Foreign Language Poems)
            Brought up within the walls of this prison
            Convinced that thinking for yourself is treason
            Nine to five and for a break therè s a season.
            But I refuse to cooperate
            I retaliate.
            And in society's ass I'm a thorn
            'Cause inside I've got a storm
            that can't be constrained in a city shaped dome.
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              Posted by: Zio Haus
              in Poems (Personal Poetry, Foreign Language Poems)
              Lifè s puppeteers, whoever may they be
              are certainly fond of toying with me;
              After long searching for love,
              I found myself falling for one.
              I thought her placed wonderfully in my vision;
              of course I did, she was my own creation.
              So foolish as to think the dream real,
              now I'm even grieving in knowing her forever disappeared.
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