Poems by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Writer and screenwriter, born thursday september 24, 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota (United States), died saturday december 21, 1940 in Hollywood, California (United States)
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Faint winds, and far away a fading laughter...
And the rain and over the fields a voice calling...
The shadow of a dove
Falls on the cote, the trees are filled with wings;
And down the valley through the crying trees
The body of the darker storm flies; brings
With its new air the breath of sunken seas
And slender tenuous thunder...
But I wait...
Wait for the mists and for the blacker rain
Heavier winds that stir the veil of fate,
Happier winds that pile her hair;
They tear me, teach me, strew the heavy air
Upon me, winds that I know, and storm.
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
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