When the road behind you is longer that the one you have ahead o you, you notice something you never saw before: the path you took wasn't straight but full of crossings, every step had an arrow indicating a different direction; from there started a lane, from there a grassy trail that lost itself in the woods. One of these byways you took not noticing, some other you hadn't even seen; those you ignored you have no idea where they would've taken you, if in a better or worse place; you don't know but equally you feel regret. You could've done something and you didn't, you went back instead of going on. Snakes and ladders, do you remember that game? Life more or less is the same way. Along the crossroads of your life you'll meet other lives, to know them or not to know them, to live them or not to live them completely or to leave them all together depends only on the choice of a moment; even if you don't know it, between going straight or deviating you often gamble your existence, that of who is next to you.



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