Posted by: *Sweet Melly*
Love life as it is
love it fully, without expectations.
Love it when they love you or hate you.
Love it when no one understands you,
or when everyone understands you.
Love it when everyone abandones you,
or when they exalt you like a king.
Love it when they steal everything from you,
or when they give it.
Love it when it makes sense
or when it seems to have none at all.
Love it in the fullest of joy,
or in complete solitude.
Love it whe you're strong,
or when you feel weak.
Love it when you're afraid,
or when you've tons of courage.
Love it not only for the great pleasures
and enormous satisfactions;
love it for the small joys.
Love it even if doesn't give you what it could,
love it if it's not as you want it.
Love it everytime you're born
and everytime you're about to die.
Never love without love.
Never live without life!


Posted by: *Sweet Melly*


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